Case Results

Past Cases that our Baltimore Medical Malpractice Attorneys participated in.

Gas Contamination – $150,000,000

Fortune 100 oil company leaked 30K gallons of gasoline into the ground in a residential neighborhood.

Business Fraud – $60,000,000

Large insurance company allegedly discriminated age and race and conspired to settle throw the cases

Medical Malpractice Wrongful Birth – $7,000,000

Against Radiologist – Lost and misread sonogram resulting in child born with abnormalities

Medical Malpractice Misdiagnosis – $1,700,000

Against Hospital – ER Doc failed to diagnose and treat ACS causing organ failure and neurologic injuries

Premises Liability – $125,000

Against Homeowner – Child’s face lacerated when negligently placed mirror fell

Auto Accident – $45,000

Driver made left turn across traffic without right-of-way causing three car pileup