About Gas Leaks & Spills

Maryland Oil & Gas Injury Attorney

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous and cause injuries and fatalities every year. Any gas leak, including those leaks from natural gas that flows through pipelines into businesses and residences and flammable gasses used at oil refineries and chemical plants can cause a serious problem, especially when ignited by a spark.

It’s not uncommon for gas leaks to pollute and contaminate the water supplies in the surrounding areas of the leak, and this can be commercial and residential. Gas leaks can occur when underground pipes at gas stations break or they can occur when natural gas pipelines break.

Examples of gas leaks include natural gas leaks as well as damaged underground pipelines or service lines. A leak can occur when an indoor line or an outdoor line has been damaged. Signs of a natural gas leak include a “rotten egg” odor, a blowing or hissing sound, flames which occur when a leak has been ignited, either discolored or dead vegetation in an otherwise green area, dirt or dust blowing out from a hole in the ground, or bubbling in a wet or flooded area. It’s important to note that natural gas may explode when it is exposed to a flame or sparks; therefore, the situation is very dangerous.

Symptoms of Natural Gas Exposure

Low-levels of natural gas exposure can cause mild headaches and breathlessness, while prolonged or high-level exposure to natural gas can cause severe headaches, fatigue, dizziness and nausea. In the event of prolonged or sudden exposure to extremely high concentrations of natural gas, the victim can suffer loss of consciousness which is extremely dangerous because the carbon monoxide in the natural gas prevents the body from absorbing oxygen in the bloodstream. This can not only cause internal organ damage, but it can lead to death.

If you have experienced injuries due to a gasoline leak or spill or if you have been injured in an explosion due to a gas leak or spill, you are urged to contact a Maryland oil and gas injury attorney from The Law Offices of Daniel J. Miller, LLC. We will need to gather all relevant facts to determine exactly who is liable for your injuries. Depending on the facts surrounding your case, the liable entity may be the gas company, a stove manufacturer, your employer or another entity.